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Günther Maschinenbau

Food Technology for the finest

Durability. Quality. A presentation which arouses desire. These are the prerequisites for the success of foodstuff products on the consumer front. Günther Maschinenbau has developed and produced technical solutions which enable the trade sector and industry to always fulfil these. The focal point of range of products and services are machinery, plants and systems for pickling, tumbling and coating.

Irrespective of whether for meat, poultry, fish, cheese, convenience food or vegetarian products, Günther knows the special requirements for these products and always provide their customers with the respective, best possible technology for their processing.

Günther technology has proven itself with users and applications throughout the world. They have claimed the role of a technology driving force in the area of our core competencies, and also wants to retain this, so they are always working intensively to expand this position even further. The opportunities already exist. The founding and owner family has been able to lay a solid foundation since 1980 and, with the incorporation into the Niedecker Group in 2018, the company now also possesses a strong background for mastering any future challenges.

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Solutions by Günther

Günther Mixers

Machine for tumbling, maturing, mixing, salting, thawing, coating and marinating

Günther Injectors

Machines for injecting brine into beef, poultry, fish and cheese.