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Performance and engagement for the food industry

Pujolàs, a machinery manufacturer founded in 1985 and based in Sant Jaume de Llierca near Girona, manufactures a wide range of machinery and equipment for the international food industry. The range includes meat presses, mixers and slicers, as well as deboning plants, filtration equipment, conveyor belts and moulding machines.

One example of a very popular machine is the LAPEG 900, which is used to press lumpy products, fill them, clamp them in casings or nets and finally seal them automatically with clips from Poly-clip System. Another top machine from Pujolàs is the PF VERLATORI meat press, a 3D press for hams, shoulders and bellies.

Contact us so that we can choose the right PUJOLÀS machine set-up for you.

Solutions by PUJOLÀS

Automatic Stuffing Machines

Automatic stuffing machines and multifunction machines for stuffed meat products like sausages and hams.

Semi-Automatic Stuffing Machines

Semi-automatic stuffing machines for various types of meat products.

Net / Casing Fillers

Automatic net and casing fillers for different kinds of casings, plastic bags, net and mesh.