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High performance packaging

Coveris is a leading company dedicated to the development, production and sourcing of flexible and rigid plastic packaging and coating solutions for various consumer and industrial end markets.

They offer solutions for dairy, fresh food and ready meals producers, but also solutions for non-food producers, caterers and distributors. Overall very innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, such as jars for yoghurt and snacks, trays for vegetables and meat, pouches for medical and animal nutrition applications and FFS and barrier films or sheets.

Coveris' high-quality solutions increase the safety, quality and ease of use of the products we use every day. And that makes every day a little easier.

We sell Coveris film for sausage production on our TSCA clip machines from Poly-clip System.

We can supply unprinted and printed film as well as film with easy opening for example the production of children's sausages.

Get in touch with us. We discuss with you what Coveris packaging solutions would help you best to achieve your goals.