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Best solutions for your production!

Machines, service and know-how, that's what you can rely on at Foodline System.
With our machines, systems and production solutions, you will succeed with every product!

Poly-clip System

More than clipping

Poly-clip System is the world's largest supplier of clip closure solutions and is considered the global market leader in this segment in the food industry and packaging sector. The product range extends from machines for craft production to fully automatic system solutions for industrial requirements.

Günther Maschinenbau

Food Technology

Günther Maschinenbau develops and manufactures technical solutions with which trade and industry can meet these requirements. The focus of the range of services is on machines and systems for curing, tumbling and coating.

RF Systems

RF Systems

Established in 1990, specializes in the production of Radio Frequency (RF) dryers and equipment.


Advanced technological solutions for waste enhancement.

Themis is specialized in the development and construction of innovative process machines and systems dedicated to the reduction and enhancement of industrial production waste products in the full spirit of the principles of sustainability and Circular Economy.


Stuffing and Pressing machines for the meat industry

Pujolàs, a family-run company, boasts deep expertise in the meat industry, rooted in its rich history. They craft machines that elevate efficiency, promoting sustainability while honoring the integrity of the product. Their primary expertise lies in stuffing/clipping machines and meat presses, aiding clients in enhancing their competitiveness.


Smoking systems, cooking systems, vapour smoke

AUTOTHERM has constantly evolved to deliver outstanding solutions to customers worldwide based on their wide experience, competence and quality in regard to steaming, smoking, climatising and defrosting solutions for the food industry.

Buhmann Pac Solutions

End-of-line Packaging - Filling and closing machines -Automation Solutions for Packaging Processes

BUHMANN PAC SOLUTIONS has been developing and manufacturing packaging machines for the food & non-food sector for over 40 years. BUHMANN provides solutions for end-of-line packaging machines, filling lines and automation tasks in the packaging process.


Sausage declipping and loading

Giecon develops sausage declipping & loading systems for thermoformer and flowpacker. With our experience we can rightfully call ourselves specialist in sausage declipping and loading. Our machines distinguish themselves by a logical product flow and straightforward design. We offer the flexibility to design and produce custom made solutions to suit your needs as best as possible.


All Consumables for your Production

Whether you need clips, loops, casings, bags, nets, spices or additives - we can provide it all

For every application the right solution

Poly-clip System

Clips and Loops

So that your products are not put at risk, the clip should be completely free from drawing oils and grease, that is to say food-proof in accordance with food regulations. For this purpose, Poly-clip System has developed the SAFETY-CLIP SYSTEM. The food-proof SAFE-COAT safety coating in particular guarantees maximum hygiene.


Artificial Casings

All types of casing for simple applications as well as fast automated processes.

Designed for maximum yield and schelflife of your products.

For every product the right solution.


High-performance, Technically Engineered Films

Technically developed to deliver functional performance, extended product shelf life and product freshness, Coveris’ EVOH films enable the application of oxygen barrier properties to single-substrate materials via sophisticated co-extrusion technology.

Promar PPH

We Flavour Your Life

This philosophy perfectly reflects the quality of Promar's offer in functional additives, flavour agents, spice blends and alginate casings as well as breading systems.