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Themis Biotechnology & Life Science

Managing waste in a more sustainable way in line with the dictates of the Circular Economy has now become an imperative that no company can evade.

The disposal of some waste such as:

  • sewage sludge;
  • sludges from chemical or pharmaceutical industries;
  • industrial wastewater of various matrices;
  • waste from agri-food production;
  • waste from cultivation;
  • OFMSW;

constitutes a significative item of expenditure in company financial statements, with costs more and more growing due to increasingly stringent sector regulations. Actually, the presence of water in high quantities in these types of waste represents an important opportunity, since its removal and eventual recovery allows for a substantial reduction in the volumes to be disposed of as well as a huge benefit in terms of environmental impact. To achieve this result, however, it is necessary to adopt a new economically sustainable treatment method, that is, with operating costs significantly lower than those of traditional technologies currently available on the market. Equally important is to ensure further differential advantages, avoiding the typical bad side effects that traditional systems, now obsolete, entail for sludge reduction. In short, innovative and revolutionary technology is needed, capable of overcoming the limits of current technologies, guaranteeing exceptional results together with a real economic advantage.Themis WRT - Waste Recovery Technology, is the perfect answer to this need, being an innovative technology for the drastic reduction and enhancement of waste with limited operating costs. A unique and concrete solution of Circular Economy, capable of transforming waste destined for disposal into a new resource.


Themis WRT is an innovative patented technology for the treatment of various waste, mainly but not exclusively with an organic matrix, whose efficiency, speed and versatility make it unique. The performances are truly exceptional: Themis WRT guarantees a reduction of up to 90% of the original volume and also the enhancement of the product through a multi-process treatment (evaporation, drying, granulation, mixing) of the incoming matrix. All this with an exclusive fundamental advantage, namely minimal operating costs.

Themis WRT is for sure the most advanced solution currently available for the treatment of sludge and organic and non-organic waste to reduce volumes and, consequently, costs.

Themis WRT, which operates with zero emissions into the atmosphere, represents a real and concrete application of the concept of Circular Economy as it allows the reuse of both the water contained in the original waste and the dry product. The design is totally “tailor-made”: each machine is studied and built based on the specific context in which it will operate. Themis WRT is also managed by our “Genesi” software which, in addition to making the system fully automated, allows the monitoring of every single operational parameter in real-time even remotely. Versatility is another important exclusive feature of WRT technology. The system is ideal for matrices of different nature and is perfectly suited for applications in multiple production sectors.

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