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A full range of packaging solutions and services.

Viskase Companies, Inc. was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1925, originally as The Visking Company. In that year, the first synthetic sausage casing made from regenerated cellulose was introduced. This product was a revolutionary step in meat processing overall. It enabled great increases in productivity and efficiency in the production of meat and sausages.

In recent years, the company has focused strongly on innovations, introduced new products and new concepts and adapted numerous products to customer requirements. The development of new markets and growth in existing markets have brought the company to its current market strength.

Therefore, Viskase has been revolutionizing the meat processing industry for years. They are committed to meeting their customers’ needs by providing best-in-class, safe and affordable protein sources within a broad array of innovative casing solutions. As a global leader, quality and value are our highest priorities for our customers. What better partner to work with here in Belgium.

Please contact us. We will show you how you can make use of the products and innovations from Viskase for your needs.