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Founded in 1990, RF Systems manufactures Radio Frequency dryers and equipment, that speed up and improve drying and thermal processes, cutting energy consumption and operating costs. High-performing, energy-saving and cost-efficient, RF Systems equipment allow its customers to make the most of the advantages of the Radio Frequency technology with the best cost / benefit ratio.

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ARIES is a Radio Frequency dryer that ensures fast and efficient moisture removal and levelling, increasing shelf-life and cutting processing costs.  It also reduces checking problems, eliminates surface browning, enhances crispness and flavor, reduces Acrylamide formation.


THERIO is a RF equipment that ensures a rapid defrosting process, eliminating the need for large thawing rooms and minimizing the drip loss.

The process is uniform throughout the whole mass of the product, regardless of its size, weight and shape.


The outstanding benefits of the RF technology can also be achieved in the disinfestation, sanitization and pasteurization of various food commodities, intermediates or finished products, either in bulk or packaged. IGOS RF pasteurizer ensures a rapid and thorough microbial inactivation, preserving at best physical, sensorial and nutritional properties of food.