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Food Technology For The Finest

Durability. Quality. Presentation that arouses desire. These are the requirements for the success of food products on the consumer front. Günther Maschinenbau develops and manufactures technical solutions with which trade and industry can meet these requirements. The focus of the range of services is on machines and systems for curing, tumbling and coating.
Whether meat, poultry, fish, cheese, convenience or vegetarian products, we know the special requirements for these products and offer our customers the best possible technology for their processing.

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Injection into meat, poultry, fish and cheese

With the Günther Maschinenbau curing injectors, you have the perfect tool to refine your products - be it with spices, additives or special features that only you know about.  Bring shelf life and flavour to your products while working with a well-designed, durable machine with the highest standards due to over 40 years of experience in the food industry.

Good reasons for injecting:

  • Taste improvement through injected flavours and flavour carriers.
  • Better colouring and action through injected salts
  • Uniform reddening and shelf life
  • Better product consistency
  • Higher yield when slicing
  • Juicier consistency of the final product
  • Higher yield and increased profit

A wide range of injectors of different performance classes is available. Depending on the requirements and model, injections can be carried out manually with one to three needles or fully automatically over a width of up to two times 435 mm. Various equipment options are available depending on the model:

  • 1-fold, 2-fold and 3-fold stitch adjustable via control for optimal brine distribution.
  • Incl. quick-change needle bridge system
  • Pneumatic single needle suspension to protect against damage
  • Double-head design
  • complete separation of the brine circuit from electrical and mechanical components to minimise heat input to the brine
  • stainless steel centrifugal pump - other pumps for higher viscosities on request
  • Pre-filter system to protect against clogged needles with electronic monitoring
  • Special conveyor belts with food approval
  • Individual process parameter settings possible
  • further options on request


Tumbling, maturing, mixing, salting, thawing, coating and marinating

Tumbling, mixing or marinating, with Günther tumblers you are optimally equipped. The energy-efficient and stable tumblers of the different types support you in the mechanical processing of your products. With the user-friendly machines Made in Germany, you are investing in a stable, low-maintenance future in which you will get the best out of your products.



      Good reasons for tumbling:

      • More delicate structure
      • More even and faster reddening
      • Extended shelf life
      • Ham becomes juicier, more tender and has a crispier bite
      • Higher yield


      Advantages of marinating in the tumbler:

      • More tender texture
      • Longer shelf life
      • Massage results in a significant improvement in quality, as the harder cell walls of the meat are massaged to soften them. By using vacuum during the massage, the added spices, marinade, oils & sauces are deeply massaged in quickly and drip-proof.
      • Better colour retention and a higher yield through the use of vacuum.

      Advantages of mixing:

      • even distribution of the mixed product due to special mixing arm


      From small batches to industrial requirements, Günther Maschinenbau offers the right tumbler for marinating, tumbling or even mixing. Depending on the model, the capacity varies between 100 and 1,000 litres of tumbler volume. Beef, poultry, fish, dairy products and vegetarian products can be processed.

      Various equipment options are available depending on the model:

      • Special trays for gentle and intensive tumbling
      • Swivelling drum for quick and easy loading and unloading
      • Duration and interval of vacuum individually adjustable via special vacuum pump
      • all process parameters freely selectable via touch-screen control
      • Manual lid


      Depending on the model, the following can be added as an option:

      • Cooled drum
      • Heating of the drum
      • Weighing cells
      • Various loading options
      • Automatic lid opening and closing system
      • Further options on request


      Coating with sauces and blast freezing

      High quality and low effort in the preparation of food, especially ready meals, are increasingly important criteria for the end consumer. Günther supports this with its Günther Coating Technology. Perfect coating of products with spices or sauces and subsequent shock freezing have been perfected here.

      Good reasons for coating:

      • Preservative free
        Günther's high-performance freezing technology eliminates the need for preservatives, making it the simplest and most natural way to preserve the quality and freshness of your products until you eat them.
      • Maximum nutritional value
        Your ingredients are flash frozen directly in the processing stage to lock in natural product flavour and freshness.
      • Reduces food waste
        Your flash-frozen food remains at peak quality in your freezer until you're ready to eat, and frozen food storage can reduce food waste by six times.


      Mixing tanks and automated brine preparation systems

      You have the perfect recipes for sheets and sauces, we have the solutions for mixing, storing and cooling. With Günther mixing systems, brine preparation systems and tanks, you have the perfect machines for efficient and standardised work.

      The advantages:

      • Standardised automated brine preparation
      • Storage of large quantities of brine Outside of actual production.
      • Time-saving, fast, controlled and efficient preparation of any type of sheet or marinade.
      • Short product paths possible through direct onward conveying to injectors or tumblers, alternatively in GLT to ensure continuity in production
      • Fast and efficient CIP cleaning
      • Fast and efficient cooling of already mixed sheets in a continuous process
      • Reduction of temperature input into the product during production
      • Efficient mixing of liquids

      Presses, knife and roller tenderizers

      Increase the quality of your products by processing them with a steaker. Optimise your ham by making sheet pockets disappear and bring the individual tenderness of your product to a top level.

      • Faster tumbling results
      • Better massaging results
      • Perfect brine distribution
      • Increased surface area for better protein digestion and binding
      • Better product consistency
      • Better cutting pattern
      • Cutting through sinews
      • Better mouth feel due to more tender product
      • Optimum moulding behaviour through the use of a press


      Automated solutions for your line operation

      In addition to the high-performance main machines such as injectors or tumblers, Günther offers the perfect supplements in the form of its peripherals division. With standardised feeders such as belts, vacuum or lifting and tilting devices, you can quickly start your Günther line operation or individually optimise your current machine stock.